Departing Daily, Join us and Witness these amazing Animals on a 2 hour St Lucia Estuary Boat Cruise

Hippo & Crocodile Boat Safari St Lucia

Hippo & Croc Boat Safari St Lucia

St Lucia Boat Tours

Price R380.00 p/p

Imagine seeing Hippos Yawning and Grunting up close while out on one of the largest estuaries in Africa. An iSimangaliso Wetland Park Boat Cruise is one of the most favorite attractions while in the area. 

Shoreline Boats depart every two hours and we would be delighted to host you. 

Hippo & Crocodile Boat Safari St Lucia

2 Hour Trips

Tour Description

  • Duration: 2 Hours 
  • Departing from the Siyabonga Jetty every two hours
  • Group size is a maximum of 15 passengers per vessel.
  • What to bring along: Camera, Extra Memory card if possible and a Light Jacket.

Children under 12 years old R190.00 and Children under 2 years are free of charge

Please note that the departure point is the Siyabonga Jetty (before crossing the bridge into St Lucia on the left-hand side). Please if you would be so kind as to arrive 15 minutes before departure.

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Hippo & Crocodile Boat Safari St Lucia

Hippo & Croc Boat Safari Tour St Lucia KZN - Outline

Shoreline Boat Safaris offers 2 Custom pontoon-styled Vessels. Each vessel has a maximum carrying capacity of 15 Passengers. 

This 2-hour Hippo and Croc Boat Safari traverses approximately 8km in a northerly direction on the St Lucia Estuary, which is within the iSimangaliso Wetland Park, South Africa's very first world heritage site. 

Shoreline Vessels have been custom-built to the exact needs of visitors to the area, the deck of the Shoreline vessels has optimal viewing space ensuring you awesome photographic opportunities. The vessel has a shallow draft with minimal impact on the environment. All of the guides/skippers have numerous years of experience in the bush in the area and therefore an exciting and informative trip is guaranteed.

A 2 hour spectacular Hippo and Crocodile Boat Safari

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Hippo & Crocodile Boat Safari St Lucia - Bookings

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Hippo & Croc Boat Safari St Lucia-Estuary Information

St Lucia is home to one of the largest free-roaming Hippo populations in South Africa. Did you know that it is estimated that there are more or a less 800 Hippos wandering freely in the area? Added to that 1200 Nile Crocodiles and an abundance of bird species. 

These Hippo & Croc Boat Tours offer you a super opportunity to witness these animals up close with some amazing and incredible information from your personal Skipper/Guide.

The St Lucia Estuary is the largest estuarine system in Southern Africa and measures an astonishing 350 square kilometers, which falls within the iSimangaliso Wetland Park. The park covers an area of 3280 square kilometers. 

From North to South the Estuary stretches for an astonishing 80 km and is 23 km wide at its widest.

Some other wildlife may be also encountered while out on these Hippo Boat Trips these include the likes of Buffalo, Water Buck, Elephants, Leopard, African Fish Eagles, Malachite Kingfishers, Water Monitors and many other species. 

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Departure Point - Siyabonga Jetty

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Hippo & Crocodile Boat Safari St Lucia

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Hippo & Crocodile Boat Safari St Lucia - Where to Find Us

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, they do, however, it is weather dependent, it is advisable to call the office beforehand herewith is our office number, +27 64 037 6415

Unfortunately, this is nature and we can not make any guarantees. The likelihood however is very high that you too may see and experience this. The skippers will more than likely keep an eye out for you and when they are about to yawn they will let you know. 

It depends entirely on what it is that you would like to experience, early mornings are quiet and truly peaceful. 

Mid-day trips are good for Birding and late afternoon trips are special with the African Sunset. All trips however guarantee you sightings of Hippos. Our personal favorite time is the early mornings. 

Without a doubt a Camera if possible and a light Jacket. Summer times are hot and humid so please do keep this in mind. 

Winter remains warmish due to it being subtropical but a light jacket would be worthwhile. 

The Siyabonga jetty is situated at the entrance to Town (St Lucia) this would be the main road from Mtubatuba and we are situated on the lefthand side just before crossing the bridge. The parking is complimentary as well. 

Please follow the following Link, CLICK HERE

Our Vessels only accommodate 15 passengers. Being smaller they offer the ability to get closer to the wildlife and ensure you some magnificent sightings. 

Ample space to move around and better communication with your skipper/guide. Being smaller also means that the vessel has a shallow draft and this contributes greatly to being able to traverse in shallower waters. 

It is estimated that the St Lucia Estuary is home to an amazing 800 Hippos and 1200 Nile Crocodiles.

This is undoubtedly the largest free-roaming Hippo population in South Africa. 

Unfortunately, seeing the Nile Crocodiles is not guaranteed. This is by no means that you will not see the Hippos we are able to offer you a 99% guarantee that you will see these amazing animals while out on our Hippo Boat Trips on the St Lucia Estuary.  

  • Hippos can not swim
  • Hippos can not breathe underwater
  • Hippos are aggressive only due to protecting their territory
  • Hippos generally do not eat meat

Shoreline Boat Safari Reviews

Brilliant Boat Safari

It was an absolutely brilliant bot safari trip, we saw so much wildlife and we were so well informed thanks to our guide Mdu. He gave us the history and story of the whole place and all the important surrounding areas. Along with that, he was very friendly and just an all round nice person to us and all the people on the boat.

Incredible Boat Safari

Such a great tour! Saw so many hippos and Mdu was a fantastic, knowledgeable guide with a keen eye to spot birds. Highly recommended!!!

Amazing Hippo Trip

A worthwhile experience with a knowledgeable guide. We saw hippos with calves, crocs as well as a buffalo and abundant birdlife. We recommend it!

Hippo and Croc Boat Experience

As a major fan of hippos, this was the perfect experience.
The boat was good, with plenty of hippo sightings, 5 -6 groups of hippos over the lake, and a sighting of a baby croc. Bonus two fish eagles.
@Mdu was a friendly, happy, knowledgable guide.. all around perfect introduction to Heritage Tours and St Lucia.

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