iSimangaliso Sightings December 2018

isimangaliso wetland park sightings
isimangaliso sightings 2018 hyenna
isimangaliso western shores sightings
isimangaliso sightings sunset drive

iSimangaliso Sightings December 2018

iSimangaliso Wetland Park, offered us some tremendous sightings during the month of December, 2018. Be it warm and tropical the sightings remained incredible. The Elephants on the Western Shores crossed the estuary to the Eastern Shores and surprised numerous visitors to the park. Early morning departures made for some magnificent sightings of the Hyena and yes of course the occasional Leopard. 

isimangaliso wetland park sightings

The iSimangaliso Wetland Park (Western shores & Eastern shores) remained frequently visited by both local and international visitors. The park has such diversity and one may easily enjoy numerous days visiting this splendid park. 

The Eastern shores remained the busiest, with its pristine beaches protected bays ideal for snorkeling. Additional newly opened hides and lookout points make for some new perspectives of this park. 

isimangaliso wetland park turtle sightings

The highlights within the park this December had to have been the return of the Turtles, (Logger Head & Leather Back). To journey on the beach as the sun slowly disappears and a cool breeze sweeps across ones face is magical especially during the warmer days that one may encounter in December. Witnessing any Turtle laying her eggs and to try and understand just how it is possible that she too has once again returned to the same beach is impressive to say the least. One can but only wish to jump in and help to dig that hole as she continues to struggle with the sand. Her tear like drops from her eyes makes this struggle to stand by helplessly even more frustrating. It may just be pure determination or a mothers instinct however she eventually succeeds in flapping digging moving and delivering her precious young into that hole. 


To have watched something so personal, so remarkable so natural is maybe life-changing. No sooner has the hole been deposited with the precious new to be Turtle eggs that one almost realizes she shows a sigh of relief. A brief moment passes she is absolutely exhausted now the hole is slowly but methodologically covered, yet another pause then the long distance to the water to return to the ocean starts. Clients showing signs of tears by now we calmly quietly follow. Never has their been such emotion for someone to succeed. She manages to get to the first bit of wet sand, their is immediately more haste a sign that she has achieved one of her largest and most difficult duties. By now we are too absolutely exhausted, she flaps and then disappears into the dark.  

isimangaliso wetland park kudu sunset
isimangaliso park clients on safari tour
isimangaliso sightings leopard
isimangaliso lookout

Until our next iSimangaliso Sightings update, keep exploring and discover 

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