What makes a Safari Unforgettable?

What makes a Safari Unforgettable, sightings, conversation or just a love for the bush? It should be all of the above and thats just from the guides perspective. Heritage Tours & Safaris prides itself in employing only the very best game rangers, not just academically but most important of all passion for what it is that they offer clients while out on one of the many excursions that we offer. Their is just nothing more exciting when a game ranger reports back to our head office with his sightings and experiences for the day, his passion must convey a sincere picture of clients smiling from ear to ear, knowing that they have seen and heard every bit of information that he or she has to offer.

We have hosted clients from all corners of the globe, some have safaried to Kruger National Park, Kenya, Serengeti you name it they have been their and still the most magnificent words to hear is I really didnt know that, That is when a game ranger knows that he has contributed to something new and exciting never before heard information.

On any safari anywhere in Africa a rangers job is to ensure that one you get the sightings that you have travelled so far for, ensure that you get the correct information while witnessing the particular animal specie and most inportant to show you everything enroute to and from the park.

A rangers knowledge is enormous and its his duty to fulfill that to you while out on safari. Our dedicated team of rangers are passionate about the bush.

I gives me great pleasure to thank each and every one of them for the magnificent experience that they offer to all of our clients.

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