Well its been a spectacular day, we have just returned from Whale Watching (St Lucia South Africa) all clients onboard witnessed numerous sightings of Humback Whales breaching. The two hour outing into the Indian Ocean started of with a bit of a breeze but quickly deminished to no wind at all. The clients all Doctors from abroad had such a great time that they decided to join us on a 2 hour Hippo & Croc boat cruise on the St Lucia Estuary. One of the largest systems in Africa and with the highest concentration of Hippo’s and Nile Crocodiles one is certain of amazing photographic opportunities.

Whale Watching is offered from June to end November and sightings are so good that a guarantee of 40% will be paid back directly to you should you not have witnessed one of the largest Mammal’s on Earth. This 2 hour epic journey departs daily and so to the Hippo & Croc boat cruise.

At present the Whale Watching costs R800.00 per person and the Hippo & Croc boat cruise is a mere R170.00 p/p. A quick tip is to book the late afternoon Hippo & Croc boat cruise as this includes free Coffee and Tea and ofcourse the most magnificent Sunsets while in Africa.



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