Hippo Attack St Lucia South Africa

A small town surrounded by wonderful sights and sounds, this world heritage site a top travel destination for its magnificent animal life, suffered a tragic incidant last night. As all locals regularly inform new holiday makers to the town to be careful and cautious while walking at night, not due to crime but rather to be aware of Hippo’s as they roam the streets. As the saying goes the grass is always sweeter on the other side and that is pretty much what happens here at night.

The Hippo’s that remain either in or on the banks of the St Lucia Estuary wonder into town after dark in search of some grazzing. Last night for the first time in who knows how long the first incidant occured that a Hippo attacked a person. This unfortunate incidant occured while a Hippo was grazing while in the yard.

Please note that should you travel to this area that caution must be tacken while strolling in the streets at night, please do keep your distance.

St Lucia was declared a world heritage site in 1999 by Unesco and with its wildlife paradise respect and care must be tacken.

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