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Ready to experience firsthand the beauty that surrounds St Lucia KZN on some incredible Day Tours

If this is your first visit to St Lucia KZN then let us get you started in explaining exactly what is on offer. But before that one has to realize that this is truly a wonderful place to visit should you love the outdoors and wildlife.

St Lucia KZN was officially proclaimed as a world heritage site in 1999 and has fast become a top tourist destination and rightly so. This small village with approximately 1000 permanent residents lives surrounded by wildlife.

Previously a small quaint fishing village with few tarred roads the town now boasts a bustling Eco-Tourist Destination. And No the town has not grown in size and become overpopulated this is primarily due to the fact that St Lucia is surrounded by a green belt and Estuary and Ocean on all sides. This has had maybe a positive as St Lucia essentially can never grow in size. Hence this little town has been able to retain its quaint welcoming feel.


st lucia kzn

Welcome to St Lucia KZN

But the experience begins even before you enter the town, prior to arriving in town everyone has to cross the St Lucia Bridge, this bridge is the border between the eastern and western shores and is also home to the resident 800 or so Hippos.


isimangaliso wetland park


It's a place of pure wonder, with Hippos grunting and the magical sunsets you will soon feel a feeling of peace. Furthermore, the estuary is massive in size and stretches 80 km to the north towards False Bay and is also 23 km wide at its widest point. Home to an amazing amount of birdlife, wildlife, and 1200 Nile Crocodiles.

Yes, this is your welcoming to St Lucia, a place where everyone lives in harmony with the wildlife.


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Day Tours St Lucia KZN

What type of Day Tours may one enjoy while in St Lucia KZN? Well, the area which falls within the iSimangaliso Wetland Park has quite a lot to offer not only for the wildlife enthusiast but also for smaller families, groups of friends, actually everyone if you have a love for the outdoors.

Herewith are a few Top Tips before arriving in St Lucia KZN:

  • If you love fishing then do try and purchase a license at your local post office
  • Enjoy cycling then why not bring it along there are numerous areas to enjoy
  • Fancy birding (first timers) then why not download some information prior and see how many species you spot while in St Lucia
  • iSimangaliso Wetland Park is large and has numerous entry points, know where you would like to venture
  • The area gets quite warm during the summer months so bring a hat and sunblock along
  • The probability of you seeing a Hippo roaming around at night is high please do keep your distance at all times
st lucia kzn hippos

St Lucia KwaZulu Natal is situated within South Africa's very first World Heritage Site (iSimangaliso Wetland Park) and knowing where one can explore from is imperative. The closest park entrance while within St Lucia would be the Eastern Shores (Bhangazi Gate) this gate is approximately 3km from Town. This side of the park is known for its beaches and tropical bush. Then the Western Shores lies just before entering St Lucia Town on the R618 approximately 7km prior to town.

Day Tours St Lucia KZN

Where is the Eastern Shores, Western Shores and Hluhluwe-Imfolozi Park?

Eastern Shores & Western Shores

  • The Eastern Shores of the iSimangaliso Wetland Park lies for obvious reasons in the East, sounds obvious but it's called the Eastern shores due to it being on the East of the St Lucia Estuary which also borders the Indian Ocean to the East.

cape vidal picnic spots cape video isimangaliso wetland park tours

  • The Western Shores of iSimangaliso Wetland Park, therefore, lies to the West of the St Lucia Estuary on the western side.

western shores day safari kzn western shores isimangaliso wetland park

What makes these two parks so special?

  • Both parks fall within the iSimangaliso Wetland Park and are therefore part of the world heritage site (UNESCO 1999), South Africa's first heritage site.
  • The Eastern Shores offers grassland, forest, savannah, and beach experience.
  • The Western Shores offers thicker bush, open grassland and forest.

Both parks are incredible and definitely worth a visit.

Hluhluwe-Imfolozi Park

  • The oldest proclaimed game reserve in Africa lies a mere 54km from St Lucia. Easy access makes for some magnificent Big 5 Safaris.

hluhluwe private safari Hluhluwe Umfolozi Day Safari Options

Day Tours St Lucia KZN - Organised Tours & Safaris

st lucia cycling tours

Cycling Tours

With multiple options from which to choose from.

Zulu Cultural Tours St Lucia

Zulu Culture Tours

Learn more about Zulu customs, Culture & Dancing.

st lucia birding and walking tours

Birding & Walking Tours

Take to the bush and enjoy the wonders of nature.

st lucia kzn activities & safaris

The most popular activity by far while in St Lucia.

full-day isimangaliso wetland park safari tour

Realize why this area is a true World Heritage site.

half day isimangalsio day safari

Snorkel and wildlife experience in a heritage site.

isimangaliso park turtle tours

Turtle Tours

Seasonal November to end February each year.

Whale watching while in St Lucia

Whale Watching

Seasonal July to end of November each year. Come see Humpback Whales.

charter fishing st lucia kzn

Charter Fishing

Try your hand at bagging some incredible game fish.

Day Tours St Lucia KZN - Activities

Herewith is a complete list of possible Day Tours in St Lucia KZN that you may enjoy while in the area. Please note that we have indicated which tours should be booked in advance this is primarily due to the number of seats available and of course the demand for that specific tour. Not all tours run yearly so we have also indicated which tours are seasonal.

Day Tours St Lucia KZN Self-Guided & Self-Drive

It's always nice to know what one can do on your own so we've added in a few nice self-guided activities.

Birding Tours St Lucia KZN


St Lucia has numerous walking trails, set off early or late afternoon and enjoy.

st lucia croc center

St Lucia Croc Centre

Fancy seeing a wide variety of crocs head over to the Croc Centre

rock and surf fishing st lucia kzn

Rock & Surf Fishing

What a wonderful way to enjoy the perfect tropical weather, and maybe bag a fish or 2

Birding may be enjoyed in multiple areas this may also include self-guided walks in the various walking trails. We would suggest the Igwalagwala Walking trail for birding as well as smaller wildlife species, please do be vigilant as Hippos do also wander the paths.

The crocodile center is located at the Cape Vidal entrance and is also in close proximity to the walking trails. These walking trails intertwine and are quite incredible. The croc center features both Nile crocodiles as well as numerous other species such as alligators.

Rock & Surf fishing may be enjoyed along the entire coastline (Indian Ocean), with its warm tropical waters year-round one may bag numerous types of fish species. Please note that a fishing license is required and may be purchased at any local post office in South Africa.


st lucia kzn beach

St Lucia Beaches

St Lucia's beaches are absolutely pristine and stretch as far as the eye can see.

arriving in St Lucia kzn

Vantage Points

Siyabonga Jetty or Sunset Jetty you decide, hear the grunts of the Hippos as the sun sets.

st lucia boardwalk

Ski Lucia Boardwalk

Situated next to the St Lucia Ski Boat Club enjoy a short hike to the beach.

st lucia kzn beach

The beaches are pristine and also have complimentary parking and ablutions. Surf fishing may be enjoyed all along this stretch of coastline. Please if you are swimming make sure to see if there are any rip currents.

With so many vantage points from which to choose from you are in for a super sunset while listening to the Hippo's grunts and Zulu Drums.

The Boardwalk creeps along the estuary and then arrives on the beach. This walk is perfect for seeing Hippos, Crocs, and Birds.

Day Tours St Lucia KZN Self-Guided & Self-Drive - Gate Fees Applicable

eastern shores (iSimangaliso Wetland Park ) safari

Eastern Shores (iSimangaliso Wetland Park)

St Lucia's early morning is peaceful so hit the road and maybe bump into something spectacular.

western shores day safari kzn

Western Shores (iSimangaliso Wetland Park)

Siyabonga Jetty or Sunset Jetty you decide, hear the grunts of the Hippos as the sun sets.

Half Day Hluhluwe Umfolozi Game Reserve Safari lion sighting

Hluhluwe-Imfolozi Big 5 Game Reserve

The St Lucia Ski Boat Club is set on the banks of the estuary and is amazing.

Day Tours St Lucia KZN - Frequently Asked Questions

Looking for adventure, excitement, or peace and quiet well then you are in for a treat. Come and enjoy a multitude of day tours in and around St Lucia.

  • Birding
  • Guided or Self-guided walking trails
  • Rock & Surf Fishing
  • Whale Watching
  • Turtle Tours
  • Game Viewing
  • Big 5 Safaris
  • Numerous restaurants to enjoy and discover
  • Golfing
  • Cycling
  • Zulu Culture
  • Night Drives Sunset and Sunrise Tours
  • Hippo Boat Trips
  • Turtle Tours (November to end February)
  • Whale Watching (July to end October)
  • Cycling
  • Birding
  • Walking Trails
  • All St Lucia Beaches are freely accessible

Free Activities include the likes of:

  • Swimming at the beach
  • Birding and wildlife spotting
  • Fishing at the beach or the estuary

Paid Activities:

  • Horse Riding
  • Charter Fishing (under the supervision of an adult)
  • Night Drive Safari (Very educational)

Heritage Tours & Safaris

heritage tours & safaris logo

Was established in 2003 and has since grown in leaps and bounds. To date, the company is the largest privately owned Safari Tour Operator in the area. With 8 Open Game Drive Vehicles, 2 Transfer vehicles, and a 4 Star 5 Bed & Breakfast. The company understands the importance of service levels and continues to ensure that they rather exceed your expectations while out on safari.

Safaris depart daily from St Lucia and head off into both the Hluhluwe-Imfolozi Park and iSimangaliso Wetland Park and they would be delighted should you like to join them.

Should you have any queries please call us +27 35 5901555 or Email us at

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